It's all here!
Randolph Craft has spent over two decades studying, applying, presenting, and refining the delivery systems for this breakthrough program. This is the most liberating and powerful

information available today. With this information, YOU will be a "Renegade Bucky Jedi" "in support of the eternally regenerative Universe..."

ReAwaken Your
Natural Genius!
Buckminster Fuller & Randolph Craft
The most comprehensive educational program
for personal growth available anywhere.

A 12-month study program based upon the one-week event,
Dr. R Buckminster Fuller's
The Future of Business

"The Most Comprehensive Recapitulation
of my entire life's activitiles
ever delivered to humans to date..."

-Dr. R. Buckminster Fuller 1981

This Program will Bring Out the Genius In You

Discover the most Liberating and Powerful information available.
With this information, you will be a "Renagade Bucky Jedi"
in support of the eternally regenerative Universe..."

Become the Master of Your World

Have Freedom & Dignity in the Process of "Earning a Living."

Learn why Wealth Can Only Increase!

Have Financial Independence NOW!

Create positive and lasting change in the Education of Your Children...

Be Ahead of Your Time, Know More, & Be "Smarter" thanMost Others!

Decrease Stress and Improve Your Ability to Learn!

Become a Universal Consultant! through Comprehensive Thinking

Discover why a "SunRise" & "SunSet" Will Never Be The Same!

Access Natural Success by Learning the "Generalized Principles of the Universe."

Have the more appropriate answer for EVERYTHING!

Live Within Profound Integrity as a "Human in Universe"


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