ReAwaken Your Genius is made up of two components,

True Wealth

The Essence of Genius is approximately 2.5 hours of compiled video from the entire 7-day Future of Business event. These video clips are centered on three topi\cs:

The Future of Business

The Future of Business is the video of the entire 7-day Future of Business event. Bucky called this event "The most consice recapitulation of my entire life's activities ever delivered to humans to date..."
It is the video of the classroom portion of the event - Buckminster Fuller speaking for approx. 20 hours on the topic, The Future of Business.

True Wealth

Course Outline:


"On Integrity" - the foundation of the Project CO81 body of work

 A. Personal "Throwaway"- Dedicate life to Humanity
    1. Pay attention to your own thinking
    2. Commit EGO suicide
    3. Discovery: [G.P.] "The more people you work for, the more effective you are."
    4. Discovery: "The Principles were being disclosed by the decisions themselves"

 B. Generalized Principles
    1. "Unity is Plural and at minimum Two."
       a) "Cosmic Plurality"         (Poem)
       b) Intro. to "Up & Down / In & Out"         (more in Education section)
    2. Six Positive & Six Negative Degrees of Freedom
       a) Axial Rotation
       b) Orbital Rotation
       c) Expansion/Contraction
       d) Torque
       e) Inside-outing
       f) Precession
         (1) -The effect of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion
           "Things you've never understood before, you begin to understand."
            Drop a stone in the water-Waves
            Induction-Electrical Current
         (2) Society thinks 180 degree-ness &emdash; natural things don't work that way
         (3) Atomic Bomb
         (4) Societal orbiting
           "Much of societal behavior clearly understood w/ precession"
            Critical Proximity
            Innerattractiveness @ 2nd power of distance[Gravity]
            Fall In [love!]
         (5) Precession is Regenerative

 C. Generalized principles as proof of God

 D. "Making up your mind to assume principles doesn't mean you're good at it!"
    1. "Humans were designed to learn only by trial and error."
       a) "There's not a right foot and a wrong foot"
       b) "Physics has found NO straight lines."
       c) Punish children for making mistakes!

 E. Bucky "ON INTEGRITY" [complete text on next page...]


   A. Examination of "Synergetic Order's Conclusions."
        1. "Never mind what you think - we will teach you..."
        2. Everything being taught was turning out wrong
        3. The simple does not explain the complex.
        4. The complex gives insight to the simple.

    B. "Elementary" Education -
        Seems to be at odds with the scheme of things by breaking
       things up into their elements & not looking @ the whole.

    C. Comprehensive vs. Specialist education

    D. Divide to conquor. To keep conquored, keep divided."
        Premise for founding of Oxford University
        Plane Geometry - part of educational conspiracy - not accurate

    E. Tetrahedron introduced - minimum system &emdash;> Not taught at school at all...
      "-Have guts to go along with it..."

    F. 2. Mercator map
        a) "Classic map of the world"
        b) "Is it a practical matter to lie to your child? WOW!"

    G. Up & Down
        1. Have no meaning.
        2. Came from a conspiracy to convince people that the world was flat
        3. In & Out - By using words "in & out" instead of "up & down,"
          you come into a whole new world.
        4. Tunability - New realities of sensorially perceived phenomena -
          If you're not "tuned in" to nonvisible phenomenon, you don't know
          what is going on! 5. Birth & Death - function of tunability.
          "Life is not physical, it is completely metaphysical."
        6. Use of "in" & "out" will increase what you can "tune in" to.
        7. "We don't tend to see the thinkable..."

    H. Tenure
        1. "You have to have the personal equation..."
          "Personal equation comes across on the screen a little better..."

    I. Coming into a new edu. system - have to or we are through.." "Completely mis-informed..."

    J. Synergetics.
       Locked up by educational system. Synergetics sets you free.

    I know what I'm talking about..Wow!

    K. "On Integrity"


 A. The essence of where business is going goes back to the principle of working for the most.

 B. What is Wealth?
    1. Wealth combines the Physical w/ Metaphysical
          a) Physical- consists of energy
            (1) Associative as Matterenergy
            (2) Disassociative as Energyenergy
            (3) Energy content of wealth can not be
               b) Metaphysical [know how]energy
                 (1) Can't learn lessenergy
                 (2) Always & Only increasesenergy
          c) Wealth can only increase!energy
     2. R.B.F. Defines WEALTH:
     3. We have separated money from wealth.
       a) "More w/ Less" proves that wealth is increasing
       b) Information is being "held up" by selfish interests

 D. 70% of Jobs today [1981] do not produce wealth!
    1. Spending 3-4 gals. of gas per day to go to work
    2. Spending billions $$$ [cosmic accounting] per day to produce nothing
    3. Computer says to pay everyone $1,000,000. to stay @ home- Will work better!

 E. Regenerative system of "Universe"
    1. All creatures ""doing all the right things for the wrong reasons"
    2. The only phenomonom in Universe that has to "earn a living" are the humans.
    3. "Humans quite clearly here for problem-solving."
       a) Developing tools [not arguing w/ people]

 F. DeChardonet [geologist commissioned by Bucky]
    1. Traced energy quantity necessary to produce one gallon of gas.
    2. Over $1,000,000. per gallon [1964 dollars!]
    3. "Cosmic Accounting" - the way Universe is run

 G. Energy
    1. "Big business only interested in having meters between you and energy."
    2. Of all energy produced, only 5% is used - rest "goes down the flush"
    3. All of the energy we use amounts to 1/1,000,000% of daily energy income on planet Earth.
    4. Relationship of energy use to per capita income to birth rate
    5. Atomic energy
      a) The closest nature put humans to atomic energy producion is 93,000,000 miles.
        (1) Fundamental cosmic design

 H. Metals recirculation
    1. Lifeblood of society
    2. Anything that gets in the way of circulation is a "blood clot" to society.
    3. 150 sovereign nations are "bloodclots" to society

 I. Philosophy of "Profit"
    1. If you invest in Humanity, there will be plenty left over
    2. "Absolute Law" -
      "You have to make up your mind if you want to make money or make sense,
       because they are mutually exclusive!"
    3. Concept of money making money deflates the value of money
    4. "If we are going to make it" - "you must never make money by putting up prices"
    5. "Wealth can only increase!"
    6. "Profit should be always acruing by doing more with less."
    7. "Costs going up is absolutely anti-evolutionary."
    8. "If we do get out of this mess, it will be profitable for everybody"
    9. "Profit will come out of the Savings of more w/ lessing."

"Either we see business as a restorative undertaking, or we, business people, will march the entire race to the undertaker. Business is the only mechanism on the planet today powerful enough to produce the changes necessary to reverse global environmental and social degradation."

Paul Hawken, Inc. Magazine April 1992

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Fututre of Business Event Contents

• Begin - Never plan what I am going to say
• Russians don't know why there is trouble
• Critical Path - how to read
• How do we think?
• Relative age - what has happened in Bucky's lifetime
• Humanity remotely deployed
• Origin of nations
• USA not a nation by definition
• Evolutionary changes since Bucky's birth
• Grandma's Golden Rule / Malthusian economics
• Bucky's Harvard stories
• Comprehensive education vs. Specialists
• How does specialization come about - Specialization is not natural
• King Syndrome
• Divide to conquer. To keep conquered, keep divided
• Premise for the founding of Oxford University
• Generalized patterns of prediction from study of Navy ballistics
• Review of the week
  Six positive & negative degrees of freedom
  ---Axial rotation
  --- Orbital rotation
  --- Expansion/Contraction
  --- Torque
  --- Inside-out
  --- Precession
• Tetra - Stability
• Wire wheel explanation of
• "6 PaNoF"
• Precession - May 1940 Fortune article on precession
• Explain Precession
• Personal History
  --- Navy - Building Business
  --- Move to Lake Michigan to "jump in there and swim out as far as I can..."
  --- "What am I"
  --- Ego Suicide
• Humans learn by trial and error - learn by making mistakes
• Critical Path - Speculative Pre-History of the world
• Darwin in reverse
• Humans want key - they want IT
• Synergy defined
• Brains - Image-ination
• Infants - touch / feel / smell / sight
• Knowledge as invisible me - "Seeable, touchable me..."
• Use if cipher
• Calpernicus discovers earth goes around sun
• Kepler - lonely occupation
• Kepler discovery of Synergy
• Generalized Principles - Use of mankind in overall scheme of things
• Love
• Give up all I've been taught to believe
• Believe defined
• Belief in GOD
• Generalized Principles & Laws
• "What can one person do?"
• Environmental Artifacts / Self Disciplines / Not talking
• Preview of Week
 • Start of Session #2
• Keep a list of Principles
• Precession - Fortune magazine
• Precession defined
• Precession to social behaviors
• Critical Proximities
• "Fall In" love
• Precession as regenerative
• Unity is plural and at minimum two
• Complete change to quantum mechanics
• Each person is a miniature universe (found elements in proportion)
• Synergy - atoms & molecules
• Elementary school breaks into elements - contrary to the way things are
• Up and down / Flat earth / Conspiracy of knowledge
• Use of In and Out
• Use of In and Out instead of Up and Down will change your world
• New realities of non-sensorally perceived phenomena
• Birth & Death - function of tunability
• Back to Darwin / Non-Darwin point of view & speculation of what is so
• "you'll find me saying many things that don't match up with science"
• Mom's necklace &emdash;> to triangle
• Physics has no definition of what is structure
• Structure defined - All returns to triangulation
• Plane geometry
• 1 triangle to 4 / Fundamental 4-ness
• All thinking deals with something
• Systems - Inside & outside-ness
• Tetrahedron introduced
• 3 Basic structural systems
• Slides -
•"Great science is wrong!"
• "I've got to make good"
• Squaring etc.
• Coordinate system of Universe
• Bisect four-sided structure - not equal / Same for triangle - 4 equal triangles
• Vector defined - ISO = all the same
• Minimum set = 6 pos. & 6 neg. for reality / min. 6 vectors in one quantum of anything
• Icosa as basic of geodesic structure - most space w/least structure
• "Mathematics is structure"
• "Have confidence in our own experimental evidence"
• World map / Inadequacy of education / "Lie to your children! WOW!"
• Dimaxion map
• (Speculative Pre-history)
• People started in Austronesia
• Horse people / Water people
• Variation of temperature develops "intelligence" (coping w/ climate = clever)
• Napoleon & Hitler made same mistake (Dimaxion map would have helped...)
• (GENI) - Electrical Generation / 350 mile limit / Efficiency growing, etc.
• Space program developed ability to send 1500 miles better than extg. 350 limit Modern politics & electricity relationship
• Energy integration of political needs (social value system)
• Knowledge chart - (Isolation of chemical elements)
• Reason for Humans in Universe
• Honey bee explanation of precession - Nature's order
• Invention of $Money
• Human "Honey-Money Bee - w/ stinger
• "Mankind is doing all the right things for the wrong reasons" Discussion of concept of God
• Relative sized of: people, planet, solar system, galaxy
• Start of Day #2
• Politics try to change people. Change environment changes people through artifacts
• Story about solids - see through glass,
• Machine gun shot through rotations of a solid propeller blade
• Precession - Rubber hose model
• Vectorial unity = 6 / 4 is starting # - no such thing as a 1
• No multiplication in Universe - multiplication by division
• Tension-Compression w/ stone. Technology progression in masonry work
• - to steel. Compressive & tensile strength meets
• Population crosses freezing line due to building capability
• Introduction of tensegrity sphere
• Dr. Einstein sees 50 ft. tensegrity @ Princeton University
• Great circles / lesser circles defined
• Pull on tensegrity - all expands
• Model of dome to build - talk about dome
• expansion of geodesic factors - X2 = length &emdash;> X4 = area &emdash;> X8 = volume
• tetrahelix - spiral of 10 to make 1 rotation
• Animate &emdash;> Inanimate to virology & •_____ to
• What is Life?
• Life is metaphysical
• Introduction to the "Hexagonal Jitterbug"
• Numbers of progressive spheres - all numbers end in 2 - 12/42/92/162 - (2=axis of spin) take away the "spinner"-2 = 10/40/90/160/ - divide by 10 = 1/4/9/16/25 - F2X10+2 =
• - frequency of modulation. (# of balls in outer layer of tetrahedron)
• - pulsating (involuting / evoluting)
• - seeing 4 demensionality & black hole in Universe - Convergent / Divergent)
• Introduce frequency - introduce time
• Back to model of project to build
• Evolution - humans travel
• Ownership of land
• WW#1 line of supply - Metallurgy
• New capitalism is Know-how
• Environment control - efficiency factors - 2 mi. diameter Manhattan dome
• Back to dome building
• Building industry SO backwards...
• How much does your building weigh
• Building codes - safety factors are ignorance factors
• Plumbing
• Changes come through Emergence of Emergencies
• Aesthetics are derived - not created
• Harvard Business School = J.P. Morgan clerks school
• Human Design / divine
• Freedom of initiative is not freedom to cheat!
• Russia - no freedom of initiative
• Russia stories as guest
• People in Russia can't spend $ on people - must spend it on arms
• What is Wealth?
• Can't learn less - wealth can only increase - wealth defined
• Start next session Humans in Universe
• Brain & Mind
• Specialization / Tools
• Craft tools / Industrial tools (cooperative)
• Spoken word is 1st industrial tool
• I have eaten X amount of food, water, etc. - I am not the physical
• Pattern Integrity (rope model)(water model)
• Newtonian Universe - static vs. events scenario Romer discovers that light has speed
• Einstein - non-simultaneous events scenario Universe
• Discovery of oxygen & gasses as elements
• Steam "invention" to steam engines to thermodynamics
• "Entropy" - law of increase of random element
• Ego-centricity &emdash; we were the center of the universe
• Earth is the ONLY energy importer (that we know of to date) - SYNTROPY
• 10 Billion years to become a star
• DeChardonet's Scenario - Scenario of Natural formulation of Petroleum &emdash; $1Mil. per gallon (1964 dollars)
• Cosmic accounting
• 70% employed NOT producing any "wealth" - (churning dollars)
• Spending $Billions to produce nothing!
• Only thing having to earn a living is Human
• Human mind is the most syntropic entity in Universe
• Increasing experience from seeable, touchable, - to instruments
• Problems, Problems, Problems...
• Humans are here as local problem solving creatures
• Muscle, cunning, fear, are central &emdash; When mind takes over, we will make it!
• "Construction" of Humans
• Gossamer Albatross stress
• Hydraulics & stress to structure - New range of structural capabilities
• Apollo critical path = over 1Mil. items
• Bucky worked for 54 years to be here to speak - We now have the option
• Someone wanted to take pictures - nothing to shoot - thats what it's all about
• Skin the dome
• More engineering goes into one rivet in aerospace that goes into a whole automobile Relative stresses on engineering requirements Queen Mary over Niagara Falls
• Slides
• Fly's Eye Dome
• Mentions John Denver's place
• Gossamer Albatross
• "Lunatics" - symbolism of getting to the moon. "Our greatest heros are the lunatics..." Education - the kids experiment reading Bucky's books - significance of getting to moon
• Energy - Big business puts meters between us & source of energy - current 95% energy inefficient
• All energy used each day amounts to 1/1,000,000 of 1% of daily energy income
• Humans in Universe
• (goes into meditation for a moment or two - asks to be reinstated)
• Mis-assumption in history about bronze age relative to tin Speculative pre-history
• S. Sea islands navigators - Polynesians - position
• Naga
• Garden of Eden scenario
• Deliberate deception of humans - Earth is flat
• Tricks of the priests - "Craps numbers" 7 - 11 - 13 = Bad numbers / 7 x 11 x 13 = 1,001 (X itself) divine numbers = reflection patterns = sublimely rememberable numbers = natural to humans -
• Priests keep their access to numbers, etc.
• Great Circles - 15
• Very young world - life expectancy was 19 Beginning of time accelerates w/time
• Religion development - Access to the next world - technology increases the access to Heaven
• Roman Numerals to Arabic #'s
• Development of Arabic numbers from abacus Symbol for nothing (0) saved us - technology
• Horsemen / Sheepmen scenario - Power structure / Land ownership Clever people live on the work of others
• City-States
• Phoenicians - w/horns on helmets representing traders
• Trojan horse
• Building great ships
• Invention of Money
• Financial interest - origins - "in kind"
• Banking - depletion of equity
• East India company - "Limited Liability"
• Instability of deeds - no real land ownership
• Design of Dome model -Total design part of design process - (good for planning and PERT)
 • Start Morning Session
• Euler - mathematician [all visual experience]
• Formula - topological
• Vertex-area-#'s - A+#V=#lines+2
• Language - "I have to use the right words in my kind of business"
• Radiation to matter & back
• Recap/review speculative pre-history
• America - freedom of initiative - to natural incorporation - American industrialization
• economics - Mining & use of metals
• Copper mining - in one year, more was mined than in all of history.
• Out of WW#1 wealthy - war profiteers - "shyster loan sharks" started auto loan industry
• Economics -Beginning of farm machinery financing / Hog market &emdash;> Stock market crash
• "System had died"
• Ideals of beginning American govt. borrowing. Wealthy people - Poker hand that never had to be shown
• Exceed ? value in purchases
• Banking - socialism - national defense - socialize prime contractors USA has been more socialized than Russia since 1932
• Pure socialism - operating socialism to capital formulas for expansion
• Subsidized industries
• War is over - American capitalism
• Lawyers
• Eisenhower politics - Capitalism of 50's - Business take-over of things - Up-Pricing and the start of the pricing spiral
• Inflation - deflation of our $ by business
• Evolutions of corporations
• Insurance Companies
• Medicine after WW#1
• Big Business
• Bucky puts all of his $ into research / National debt / Social Security system is bankrupt
• 1953 - 50 largest corporations spent 90% of their $ in overseas investments (no taxes)
• E. India Co. Flag - use in Boston Tea Party - American Flag
• Patents - $ invested in on both sides of both world wars - no money was lost!
• Back to big 50 corps. & international $
• Finance business 50% in obsolete building industry
• Supranational corps.
• Politics - cost of presidential elections - "obviously corrupt"
• Not Voting as act of responsibility
• War - new game - all loose
• Russia working for their people
• Capitalism needs war for continuance
• Russia "kept under" arms race by supranationals
• Honolulu belongs to Japanese & forging $
• Closest that nature put people to atomic plant (Sun) is 93 million miles
• Summary of past talks to now
•- Start Evening session
• Dome is up - very happy
• Banking / Interest
• Rescind sovereignty of U.S. necessary for distribution of world's food
• Money vs. real wealth
• China Bloc / Gold Bouillon
• Nixon / Gold - "Did what he did on orders"
• Copper mining
• Gestation - Lag time for inventions
• "When you don't see things move, you don't get out of the way"
• Every 22 years average - metals come back. Copper is bellwether
• Tin - tin resources / auto industry / Dimaxion car
• Air factories / design of aircraft / accommodation of change
• Dwelling machine / Politics & unions wouldn't allow efficient dwelling machine
• Self-discipline &emdash; No promotion, gestation rates, etc.
• Pictures - Dimaxion Car, House, etc.
• Globe @ Cornell University
• End slides, close day out
• "We are crossing a threshold here..." eulogizes group "With you, we may make it..."
 • Begin Morning Session
• "We are the news"
• About built dome
• Back to history - Air
• Synergistics use
• World strategies
• Russia kept at bay by armaments
• CIA = capitalism's invisible army
• India - New Deli - Indira Gandhi - Nehru
• Nehru has stroke while Bucky is there
• Gandhi/Nehru - Nehru w/ stroke - asks Gandhi if she would take over if Nehru checked out
• Bangladesh - NY Times news propaganda Gandhi - India - democracy
• Power structure
• Bankrupt USA
• What can we do?
• About the video
• Educational system far away
• What to do with the video
• Competent people - "We are the news!" -
• "See a beautiful girl & fall in Love"
• Metals re-circulation
• Synergetics - convergent/divergent
• Chrome nickel steel
• Math cubes etc. - Tetrahedron
• Synergetics books - Explanation of how to read Discovery of synergetics
• Bucky as a boy
• Math is not accurate
• Geodesic defined
• English language - use of language
• Write to NOT be misunderstood
• Mental mouthfuls - Poetry - language
• Do well to read Synergetics
• Tetrahedron - ONLY shape that is independent of asymmetrical aberration
• Thornton Wilder - mathematician
• Synergetics story - Wilder / Applewhite
• Evening Session
• About Hawaii meeting to group
• About Maps
• Back to Hawaii - Repeat Hawaii poem
• Back to maps
• China - Ministry of communication(Peeking) - 16 hour dissertation
• "You are China" - about China
• No real hostility between Russia and China - deceptive game for the West...
• India
• Canada - Trudeau - Grid
• Generalized Principles - Computer
• Walter Ruther - computer benefits to employees Granting computer generated - Energy Grid
• Computer cosmic accounting
• Don't work for direct profit
• Change course to synergetics - slides
• Mars - tetrahedrons / tetrahedra / synergetics
• Great circles - spherical tetrahedra - Synergetics
• Great circles - demonstration
 • Start Morning Session
• Designer of Humans
• Vitamin D = bone structure
• Skin colors - wood colors "no such thing as a race"
• No races - just humanity
• Pattern integrity
• Reverse photography of food chain
• Humans are pattern of integrity
• "What ever we are is not physical"
• What is life?
• You & I are transceivers
• Power structures
• Class systems function of nutrition
• No class difference - Must know
• Blacks place in society
• History - calculations, science, etc.
• Back to Blacks - Propensity for mathematics - Oshanti tribes in Africa - Drums talk w/ a mathematical language
• Washington D.C. decisions not founded on knowledge
• "Blacks are Brilliant"
• No prejudice, no class, no race
• Other things on humans
• Least prosperous - most babies
• Per capita income is a mirror image opposite of birth rate - reflection pattern
• Homosexuals theory - keep equipment going w/ no babies
• Count Corzipski (sp)(book - Science on Saturday) - father of semantics
• Prison Studies / San Quenton - language a function of concept of law
• Bucky lectures @ San Quenton
• 70% of prisoners are black
• Bucky moved by prisoners - (tears)
• U of Nebraska - Penology/crimolology dept asked Bucky to design prison - "pages were blank"
• Business viewpoint
• *Absolute law - Make Sense or Make Money - mutually exclusive! - exploitation of wealth
• More w/ Less
• Inflation proved by price of aluminum - manipulation of capital
• More w/ Less - Never make $ by raising prices
• Gestation rates reviewed
• # of honorary degrees
• Patents - Theory = Publish through patent office
• How to credit initiative
• Educational system completely awry
• Divide to conquer...
• About Nine Chains to the Moon
• Einstein's Cosmic Religious Sense
• Voyage of information from invention to use in society
• E=MC2 = Mrs. Murphy's horsepower
• Story about Bucky's relationship w/ Einstein
• Science has nothing to do w/ effects (who applies science) Education system really wrong
• Origins of education / About education / Fear of learning
• Do your good work by yourself (education)
• Experimental education @ U of I
• Tenure in universities - Education Automation
• Screen Education - "Personal equation comes across better"
• Read Synergetics
• - is a "transcendental irrational" - not natural - doesn't work in nature
• How can science continue?! [education]
• "Study Synergetics - a long Battle"
• &emdash;> (Long pause while he thinks)
• Back to prison - equal in same environment
• Significance of event
• Emerson quote "The minute two people think alike, its the beginning of a new era"
• Regular Human - nature failsafe
• Everything has come from procreative energy
• Sublimation - nature is testing
• Work & thought while sleeping
• Intuition/Aesthetic - Demonstration of intuition
• Russia gets rid of religion - No intuition
• 2 energies w/ intuition - 1 get, 2 pull (get it in)
• Aesthetic
• "every healthy male can tell the slenderness ratio of a woman's leg @ 50 yards to a 64th of an inch..."
• Design - proof of God
• If I'm doing what is wanted, I'll be supported "Yours dear god is the all and only glory" - "Just don't forget it, Bucky"
• "I threw myself away, the residue wasn't mine, so I had to think that way"
• Synergetics / Slides of Tetra
• Vector of Equilibrium / Tensegrity / Tetra
• A & B modules - Vector of Equilibrium
• Math of minimum sets (F2X10+2 applied to 0)
• Slides
• Ice Phenomenon
• Tensegrity / Icosa
• Quarks - Discovery & Atom Smashers
• Spiral Tetra Helix / Pattern of DNA-RNA
• Going too far on Synergetics
• Science using wrong coordinate system
• Synergetics - Size introduces frequency introduces time - 4th dimension / 5th dimension
• Ever Rethinking the Lord's Prayer
• Toss Pencil up - God knows what's up
• God IS testing self
• AMEN / Good Night
• "God is really trying to tell us..."
 • Start Morning Session
• Supernatural own media
• Quality of meeting
• Evolutionary event
• "I love the human beings, but they seem pretty futile"
• Marshall is an evolutionary event
• Raise $
• "I love you, you love me - but that is a human affair"
• Reason for Synergetics
• Generalized Principles
• Think about why we are here...
• Press Synergetics - Why... tough times. "Its very important to know what you are talking about."
• Costs go up &emdash; Anti-evolutionary
• Power structure coping w/ system that doesn't work - Dollars are very corruptive
• "If we do make it, It will be very profitable for all."
• Trim-tabbing
• Odds of other people in Universe (David Barnes)
• Others - UFO's etc. - No way! - "controlled information"
• (Mastriano) - Giving up sovereignty? - What is love? Metaphysical gravity - most important forces operative in Universe
• What is God
• Henry Ford
• 1970 Buick started planned obsolescence to keep distributors profitable
• Inventories in motion / Alloys / Invisible changes (deception)(General Motors) - "Mobile Inventory"
• "Henry Ford will be looked upon as a great artist."
• Edsil Ford
• What is religion? - Roman Catholic Church is largest real estate corp. in world
• Abortion is a money maker - Pope getting shot (by church)
• "do you consider yourself a Christian?" - Origin of Christ
• Gyro Info
• How to relate info to others
• Energy - McGrady's Albatross significance
• Precession
• Poem - Cosmic plurality
• Don't applaud - use energy wisely
• End Event - "Life is Good" w/ Group

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