The Rules

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"The Rules..."
Precessional Living Making -
These are "the rules" to play by
if you're going to be a "player"
in the world of
"True Wealth" creation.
If you're not,
you're wasting the planet's resources by being alive...
Not my "rules," AND I must agree. ;-)
These are also the guidelines I was given by Bucky
to run this Fuller Edutainment project.
It has been the most difficult
AND rewarding endeavour in my life.
Join me, if you have the guts to do it... ;-)
It will be the best thing you've ever done...

 I. Precession

A. Precession is the effect of bodies in motion on other bodies in motion

B. The successful regeneration of life growth on our planet Earth is ecologically accomplished always and only as the precessional - right angled - "side effect" of the biological species' chromosomically programmed individual-survival preoccupations...

C. Seeming inadvertently (but realistically-precessionally)... (honey bees work for nature by pollenization)

D. Humans, as honey-money-seeking bees, do many of nature's required tasks only inadvertently.

II. Assumptions

A. I assumed that humanity was designed to perform an important function in Universe...

B. I therefore assumed that what humanity rated as "side effects" are nature's main effects. I adopted the precessional "side effects" as my prime objective.

C. Ecology: Society discovered ecology only when its economically sidewise discards of unprofitable substances became so prodigious as to pollutingly frustrate nature's regenerative mainstream intersupport.

D. ...not more than one human in 10 million is conceptually familiar with and sensorially comprehending of the principle of "precession."

E. Precession cannot be accomplished competitively.

F. I must so commit myself and must depend upon nature providing the physical means of realization of my invented environment-advantaging artifacts.

G. Nature does not require that any of its intercomplementing members "earn a living." (Humans are the only creature on the planet that knows what time it is and thinks that it has to "earn a living.)

H. I resolved to adopt such a course formally, realizing that there would be no human who could authorize my doing so nor any authority able to validate my decision so to do. I saw that there would be no humans to evaluate my work as it proceeded - nor to tell me what to do next.

I. Precession must govern all socioeconomic behaviors.

J. All (participants in Universe) orbit their respectively most interattractively dominant nuclei of the moment.

III. Laws of precessional living-making

A. Wherefore, I concluded that I would be informed by nature if I proceeded in the following manner:

1. committed myself, my wife, and our infant daughter directly to the design, production, and demonstration of artifact accommodation of the most evident but as-yet-unattended-to human-environment-advantaging physical evolutionary tasks, and..
(Bucky says that you can't change people by arguing with them. All of life adopts to their environment. Change their environment, and they will change. Therefore to effect the changes that he saw as needed, he focused attention on physical artifacts that would alter the living environment - thus his attention to the arena of architecture. - RC)

2. paid no attention to "earning a living" in humanity's established economic system, yet

3. found my family's and my own life's needs being unsolicitedly provided for by seemingly pure happenstance and always only "in the nick of time," and

4. being provided for "only coincidentally," yet found

5. that this only "coincidentally," unbudgetable, yet realistic support persisted, and did so

6. only so long as I continued spontaneously to commit myself unreservedly to the task of developing relevant artifacts, and if I

7. never tried to persuade humanity to alter its customs and viewpoints and never asked anyone to listen to me and spoke informatively to others only when they asked me so to do, and if I

8. never undertook competitively to produce artifacts others were developing, and attended only to that which no others attended

B. then I could tentatively conclude that my two assumptions were valid:

1. that nature might economically sustain human activity that served directly in the "mainstream" realization of essential cosmic regeneration, which had hitherto been accomplished only through seeming "right-angled" side effects of the chromosomically focused biological creatures; and

2. that the generalized physical law of precessional behaviors does govern socioeconomic behaviors as do also the generalized laws of acceleration and ephemeralization.

IV. What Blucky said about it at the event (from tape #13)

A. I do all I can with what monies that I have. As you read your Critical Path you're going to run into what I was up against when I made my commitment in 1927. Which was:

1. I would never ask any one to listen to me, and I would not allow myself to promote - that nature has her own gestation rates. And promotion really tends often to really have premature babies. That goes on in industrial very big deals. So I said,

2. "I must never promote, I must never ask anybody..." - I don't have any agents. I don't allow anybody in my office... nobody is a salesmen. Whatever we do has to happen because the other person spontaneously asked us to do it.

3. For this reason I am able to really look at my calendar and see where I am invited. I can really see how things I am talking about and dealing with - when people ask me to come and talk about it - I can see more or less where people are interested in the world. And for quite a few years I was being invited to all different universities in America, but gradually I began being invited around the world. So my pictures have been that kind of way - but not manipulated. If I... Whatever I am able to do in research & development - if I am lucky and get an invitation where they pay you an allot, it goes immediately out to research. They could be enormously accelerated, and I think of all of the indications of my life, we're going to be more and more supported. The very fact that I am asked to do it with you as a businessman and not as a university kids - it is a very hopeful indication.

From Critical Path by R.B. Fuller 

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